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Babolna Tetra develops advanced hybrid hatchery

Tetra new hatchery by World Poultry / 2016-03-15 01:56:54 UTC

Apr 11, 2014

Bábolna Tetra Kft., a layer-hybrid breeding companies, has developed one of Europe’s most advanced hybrid hatcheries at Uraiújfalu, in Hungary’s Vas county.

With an annual capacity of 35 million eggs, Bábolna Tetra's new hatchery has been developed with all the very latest innovations in single stage incubation, hatchery automation and environmental control from Pas Reform. Opened in March 2014 the new site includes 12 SmartSetPro 6 setters, 12 SmartSetPro 2 setters, 22 SmartHatchPro hatchers and an onsite Watter disinfection production system.

For all egg- and chick handling, Pas Reform's latest automation systems are being employed to deliver pointsetting, egg grading, sexing and vaccination, chick counting, vacuum waste system, washing, stacking and de-stacking.

The hatchery uses various renewable energy sources to deliver environmental and energy-efficient benefits in its operation, including Pas Reform's innovative heat transfer system, which uses the heat produced by the developing embryos during incubation to preheat fresh air intake within the hatchery's ventilation and climate control systems.

Bábolna Tetra is market leader in Hungary and distributes its Tetra grandparent- and parent breeders to chick hatcheries producing commercial egg layers for egg producers in more than 40 countries around the world. Committed to the highest levels of efficiency and environmental awareness, the company's hatchery expansion in Uraiiújfalu is the result of increased sales worldwide, following the successful genetic development of three new Hybrids, the Tetra HB Color, Tetra Blanka and Tetra SL Long Life.

Zoltán Budai, director of Bábolna Tetra, says of the project: "Our company is delivering significant growth for sales of our breeder layer lines and with Pas Reform's innovative hatchery technologies to support that growth, we have created a strong, stable platform for achieving ambitious targets both now and in the future."